Am I correctly updating the MSI BIOS? (Please help)


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Jun 29, 2020

Dear users,

Hereby I would like to ask you if I am doing the right thing with my MSI BIOS.

On the MSI support web-site the last BIOS available for my system is:

E16V1IMS.10A (2020-07-03)

(My system is a MSI GS66 10SF-267 STEALTH)

But every time I update the BIOS, I follow the BIOS User-Manual steps, shut down the system, unplug the AC-power cable, wait for at least 7 seconds, turn the laptop on and afterwards my screen shows that the EC firmware must "update" (which forces to plug the AC adapter once again) and suddenly the BIOS goes to this version:

E16V1IMS.10B (2020-05-15)

[BY THE WAY, my EC firmware is already updated to the last version, which is 16V1EMS1.114 (2020-06-19]

I just called the MSI support-center and they told me everything is fine. That the 10B is the last BIOS.

Then what on earth is the 10A doing on the MSI web-site? And why after I update the BIOS I can see the 10A version's name? (which changes after the EC firmware "update")

Is the last BIOS showed on the MSI web-site just with a wrong name? Or there is some other issue here?

I appreciate your help and reply.

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