AM4 Troubleshooting/FAQ thread

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Nov 20, 2012
Starting this thread since it might be useful for the future.....

Problem : PC appears to boot, EZDEBUG LED's light up, then go out, but nothing appears on the screen?
Solution : Follow the procedure below as closely as possible :
1. With the computer off, install the CMOS RESET jumper. (USE A JUMPER, Pull it off an old DVD drive or something, but it needs to be on there for a bit)
2. Wait 10 seconds
3. Turn the PC on by pressing the power button
4. Wait 5 seconds
5. Remove the CMOS RESET jumper (while the PC is still on and running....)
6. Wait up to a minute or 2
7. The monitor should now display the "CMOS HAS BEEN RESET" screen and allow you to press F1 to enter the BIOS setup.

Problem : When setting the core voltage or overclocking the CPU, once in Windows/Linux the CPU appears to get stuck in a lower power state?
Solution : There really isn't one at this time. The best we can suggest doing is leaving the VCore set to AUTO, and setting your multiplier to 37 or 38 to overclock for now.
The general consensus is that the issue is a problem with the AGESA code and some lots of CPU's and that's what causes the problem. Why do I think this? Because users have switched boards/brands, kept the same CPU, and the problem followed the CPU to the new board. That tells me it's not just an "MSI" problem, and that it's also related to the CPU as well since those same boards with a different CPU also will run at the rated and expected speeds.
EDIT: It appears that the most recent BIOS's for most boards should have a fix in them to fix the CPU underclocking issue right now......Just as an FYI.

That's all for now, but if you have any suggestions, I'm welcome to hear them and add them to this post for the forseeable future. :)
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