AMD Vega 56 and 1440P on Older Titles


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Mar 30, 2019
If this isn't a forum appropriate for this question, please excuse my ignorance. I did an AMD build 4 years ago. Ryzen 2700X paired with a Vega 56. I have been spinning my wheels on researching a new panel and if my current rig can give me a nice 1440P experience or should I stay on 1080P. I play mostly older titles like Diablo 3, Diablo 2R, Fallout, Mass Effect, etc. though I will be purchasing Dialo IV when it eventually comes out but in the meantime that's primarily what I play. I like the quality of my current panel. It's a Samsung 27" 60Hz 3-4 ms. I have been researching both better 1080P and 1440P monitors running at least at 144Hz and 1 ms. (for example the ViewSonic Omni VX3268-2KPC-MHD 32 Inch Curved 1440p 1ms 144Hz Gaming Monitor with FreeSync Premium, Eye Care, HDMI and DisplayPort ). I just want to get the best visual experience I can given my CPU and GPU. Any thoughts or recommendations? And again, if this isn't appropriate, please ignore. Thank you very much. :)


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Nov 20, 2012
Truth be told, get the better monitor with higher resolution if you can.
Worst case, turn down the visual effects to get the higher frame rates at native resolution.
This way when you do eventually upgrade (when prices on GPU's aren't incredibly outrageous, or you win the newegg lottery), your monitor is perfect already.....

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Sep 11, 2020
I use 4K and game @1440 as the visual quality is not a lot less than 4k native and way less demanding of the GPU but also a good up lift in visuals from 1080 settings