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Apr 19, 2013
A few months ago a friend who works at MSI had told me that by the end of 2014 MSI would come out with something completely different, a wifi web camera.

My friend said that MSI was planning to break into this market but didn?t give me too many details. I had a lot of questions in my mind at this time. Mainly, MSI was known for their Notebooks, Motherboards and Graphics Cards, how they planned to enter this market which was already so dominated by other companies a market that seemed already crowded.. Well after we finished chatting he sent me a sample for me to take a look at, so here it is, the MSI SomeThings PANOCAM. 


My first impression was that the MSI SomeThings PANOCAM was not too large but had really high quality packaging. I really love the blue colour they have used in the packaging and especially love how clean and modern it looks.

Inside the box was a quick start guide. Three simple instructions to get underway. The camera has a fish eye lens and is supported via wifi. The small cylinder was completely different from any webcam I had ever seen before.

And the name? Well my friend had said that ?SomeThings? was a name that was to mean ?service? ? it seems MSI had not created just a camera, but an entirely new line of focus.

The back of the packaging showed some of the features provided by the PANOCAM, which included 360 degree viewing angle, iOS and Android compatibility ? with an App that can be downloaded easily from both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. So I opened up the iTunes App Store on my iPhone and searched for ?SomeThings? to begin my download.

When I opened the box and looked over the quick start guide I was glad to see that they had used that gorgeous blue colour again! The layout of the quick start guide was simple and I found it incredibly easy to understand, the pictures and simple steps made for a great first time user experience.

While the instructions are provided in English my friend had told me that a multi-language version would be available soon.

However, with the included pictures and very brief set up I don?t think that non native English speakers would have any difficulty setting up the PANOCAM with the current quick start guide.

Next was the unveiling of the main event, the beautiful cylindrical silver camera. Sleek in design with a nod to the look of the iconic MacBook in some ways. The metal outer layer with protective plastic molding. My friend had said that the camera differed from cheap plastic cameras currently available on the market and I agree that this modern almost artistic design would fit in well along most home d?cor but with class comes expense so I joked to him that it was more suited to the home accessories area!

So first I took a look at what parts came inside the box. A 10W power supply, A rubber cushion covered in black material emblazoned with MSI which I soon learned was to allow the camera to lay flat to support different angles of shooting and lastly pieces to allow you to mount the camera to a wall or ceiling.

The powercord connected to the machines body is 2 metres in length, which if you are mounting to a ceiling or wall is very useful!

I used a coin to pop open the cover. Inside there is a Micro SD slot so in order to be able to save images or video I inserted a 32GB Micro SD card.

Next to the Micro SD card slot there was a small black hole which is used to factory reset the camera, my friend had said if there were any issues to use a pin to factory reset while the unit was plugged in and just to hold for about 5 seconds and it would beep at me!

In the middle of the device you can also see the threading where it can be mounted to a tripod another small convenience for end users.

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Feb 11, 2015
Thanks for sharing :) Something is a practical home accessory with easy set-up steps, quality design, wide shooting angels and reasonable price.  it is a great choice. :pompom: