an TITAN in my house! [UNBOXING 1080TI ]

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May 16, 2017
Hi! After spending some time with my new MOBO , unboxing link is here:

an 1080ti Gaming X its time to open!

So, it came with an usual box with looks like:

and here is the back side of it:

I'm happy there is no video needed for unbxoing, just an photos, bcause my hands were shaking, when I did it:

And here is our BING BANG graphic card, with 11GB of GDDRX5 memory:

And look, i got an magic letter from MSI too, with an epic look:

And look what I got inside, a RED DRagon was looking at me:

Look, there are even Two dragens, are they twins? :

I took a tree seconds to put it inside of my Mobo, looks great with TOMAHAWK z270:

Togheter with an 7700k, and G skill memory they are looking so cute:

About the Graphic Card:
Playing in games like Witcher 3 / GTA V / Dawn of Wars III aren't not even making him working in 100%, sometimes he's just not even getting sweaty.

I really had hard days to choose bewteen 1080ti models, there are plenty! But According to price/efficiency i think it's best model to choose. The Watt usage/ and TEMP are close to Asus product and price diffrence is around 80 euro now wich is a lot!!!!!!!!!

Cooling system is really working well, 2 big fans with TWIN Frozr and TORX 2.0 are just doing great job togheter! When she has below 60oC you can't even hear herbecause of it!

I can't forget to mention LED's - you can desine by yourself color what you want, so it looks cool with your other components, pretty good job out there! I'm not big fan of LED's so it's not a big deal for me that they're little, I'm not even watching on my Tower at this moment.

Package what I recived just a bit surpised me here, I got only 1 PCI'e adapter wich made me to buy new one by myself, but it's not so big deal. Only here i am a bit dissapointed.

AH! And: Please next time give a little bit more stickers! Here I tought I will get a bit more!

Current SETUP for it:
MOBO:    MSI z270 Tomahawk
CPU:      Intel 7700k
RAM:      2x8 GB 3000 MhZ CL 15 G. Skill
G. Card: MSI GTX 1080ti Gaming X 
Tower:   Sharkoon BW-9000W
CPU C:   SilentiumPC Fortis 3 v2
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