Aperture Gaming, a Force to be Reckoned with in the South African Gaming Scene


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Mar 26, 2014
July 1st, 2015

While we may have read and heard news about movie, music and game development industries thriving in South Africa over the years, there is another industry shining equally bright ? competitive gaming. And when it comes to South Africa?s eSports, one of the big names you shouldn?t miss is Aperture Gaming. So here in this month?s eSports interview, MSI has its gaming partner ? South Africa based Aperture Gaming in the spotlight.



MSI & Aperture Gaming

Founded in late 2013, comparatively young Aperture Gaming was formed as a Battlefield 4 focused MGO (Managed-Gaming Organization) under the leadership of Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw. It didn?t take long for victory to come along. One year later, Aperture Gaming showed its strength while ApG.Apollo took out [dM]Exodus 3 ? 2 to proudly claim the title of Battlefield 4 Telkom Do Gaming Championship (DGC) 2014 Champions.

ApG.Apollo proudly claimed the title of BF4 2014 DGC Champions

Battlefield 4 aside, Aperture Gaming has expanded to include professional CS:GO, DOTA 2 and COD:AW teams, and has shown great potential with achievements in major tournaments. Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw, the founder of Aperture Gaming, sheds some light on the clan?s fundamental beliefs, ?We make professionalism, respect and maturity our core values and proceed to invest in the local gaming community by always helping out new and lesser experienced teams where we can.? Want to know more about Aperture Gaming?s promising manager ?Alpha-Renji?? See below for MSI?s exclusive interview!

Battlefield 4
1st ? 2015 Crucial 5v5 CUP (BF4)
3rd ? 2015 ESL 5on5 Domination Cup #1 South Africa (BF4)
1st ? 2014 rAge Telkom Gaming Championships
1st ? 2014 Mweb Geotech 5v5 First Recon Tournament
2nd ? 2014 Telkom Gaming Battlefield 4 5v5 Online Finals
1st ? 2014 Telkom DGL Battlefield 4 5v5 Open Division
2nd ? 2014 Telkom DGL Battlefield 4 Insta-Clash Nov
1st ? 2014 Do Gaming BF4 ? Open Division

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
6th ? 2014 rAge Telkom Gaming Championships
2nd ? 2014 Telkom DGL CS:GO ? Winter Leg ? Premier Playoffs
4th ? 2014 Telkom DGL CS:GO ? Premier Division ? Summer Leg
1st ? 2014 March Cup: CS:GO Operation Madness
2nd ? 2013 Do Gaming CS:GO Championship Playoffs
1st ? 2013 Do Gaming CS:GO Winter Leg Premier Playoffs
1st ? 2013 Do Gaming CS:GO First Division Winter Leg Tie Breaker Round
1st ? 2013 Do Gaming CS:GO First Division Winter Leg
2nd ? 2013 Do Gaming CS:GO League Group Stages
1st ? 2012 Do Gaming ? Ready.Set.GO! Cup Group Stages
Source: http://www.dogamingleague.co.za/clan/apg?_ga=1.156568059.1560142086.1431006979

MSI: Hi, Theuns! First, thanks for taking the time for this interview. Could you brief us on your general gaming history? What motivated you to build Aperture Gaming?
Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw: Hi Claire, thank you for the opportunity. I started my competitive gaming career at the age of 17 and it quickly grew into a passion that I knew I was going to pursue for many years to come. Through my years of gaming my aspiration to be the best only grew stronger as I climbed through the ranks. I soon reached a bottleneck for the team I was playing for at the time and decided to head into my own direction to start Aperture Gaming and I have never looked back since.

MSI: As a former pro-gamer of Battlefield 4, you have performed exceptionally well over the past years. What made you stand out from others as a pro-gamer? What was your greatest achievement?   
Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw: I think what made me stand out the most was my hunger to be the best; it was as simple as wanting it more than the rest. I mostly kept my head down and just played the game and focus was the key to improving my skillset as a player. I never looked at a negative outcome as a loss since I either won or I learned something. That has always been my attitude towards gaming. As far as my greatest achievement goes, creating a championship team and making the transition over from player to owner/manager while keeping the team successful and at the same time expanding my MGO, building relationships and creating a foundation for all teams to build a successful gaming career on. I finally have the ability to give younger talented players the opportunities I never had when I started gaming, which is what I feel the most proud of.

[attachthumb=4] [attachthumb=5]
Theuns as a BF4 pro-gamer

MSI: What aspirations do you have for your BF4 team this year? Are you aiming for specific tournaments?
Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw: Naturally our main focus will be DGL/DGC finals. In eSports as with any other sports, choosing when to peak your performance is one of the most important abilities a team can have, as you can never be the best all the time. We have done well thus far in DGL, keeping within the top three positions for premier division. We have also been crowned champions of the Crucial 5v5 Domination Cup in May, beating out the top contenders to take home R20 000 in prizes. The team is definitely hungry and motivated to take another title for 2015.

Theuns & BF4 team

MSI: Recently retired and now a manager, have you faced any challenges on team management? In your opinion, what makes a successful team? 
Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw: The most difficult challenge so far was focusing on what I am best at and delegating the rest. As with a MGO of this size and prestige, trying to do everything myself is simply impossible. Having a supporting management team behind me that consists of captains and media managers, is what makes this all possible. Teams require a solid foundation to build and expand on, because at the end of the day you can?t win without consistency.

MSI: Are there any obstacles facing South Africa?s gaming industry? Have you stepped up any efforts to take eSports in South Africa to the international level? 
Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw: Having partnered with MSI NB and receiving undivided support from them, we are constantly working with game organizers to help create local events that can propel teams into the international arena. South Africa, being geographically disadvantage with regards to latency and travel costs, our teams rarely get the chance to actually compete overseas, but with partners like MSI we are starting to see more and more teams bridging the gap thanks to MSI?s support. As a MGO owner I understand the need to raise the bar of competitive gaming as a whole in South Africa, and not just for a handful of individuals. Creating smaller local events with the help of MSI and partners, we are able to build up our communities? skill level and lessen the skill gap between us and the international scene.

MSI: Does specialized gaming hardware really make a difference to your performance? Any words about MSI GAMING laptops? What technologies/functions benefit you the most during a competition?
Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw: Most definitely. The MSI notebooks specifically have come a really long way with regards to competing with desktops, to the point where there is no longer a difference as we are getting 144FPS and higher on all of our MSI Gaming notebooks. What makes this even more appealing in the current eSports climate is the increasing need to travel to events. The MSI notebooks are very mobile and easy to transport, making attending events/competitions so much easier and more affordable. Our MSI Gaming notebooks are proving to be an irreplaceable asset to our arsenal.



Theuns & MSI gaming laptops

MSI: Tell us a little bit about your family or friends. Who matters most to you, and why? Do you have a mentor? 
Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw: I have the most supportive parents and sister ever. They might not always understand what exactly it is I do, but it doesn?t stop them from encouraging me to pursue what they can clearly see is my passion, and for that I love and appreciate them. As for my friends, I am blessed to have friends within and outside of the gaming scene, and I love them all dearly. I feel like I have grown up with the players in my team and we have walked such a long road together that I consider them family. For the good and the bad times, I will always keep them close. As far as a mentor goes, I will always have Miles Regenass, the man who opened the door for me to the gaming industry and showed me the ropes. A close second would be Lars Frantzen, our coach from Denmark, who has expanded my perception on gaming sevenfold.

Theuns & his dear family and friends

MSI: We learned from the Internet that one of your interests is making montages of your gameplay. What are your tips of making excellent montages? What attracts and inspires you about montages?
Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw: To me music has always been a big influence, and when I look at gameplay I see a flow that I can always link to a specific song or beat that characterizes the movement and actions I see in my own gameplay, so music is a big factor in all of my montages. A montage to me is expressive and speaks to my play style, which is always changing and therefore I am always motivated to capture my latest game play to create new edits.

Theuns making montages

MSI: Do you exercise or keep pets? Montage aside, do you have certain hobbies or personal interests to help you strike a work-life balance?
Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw: With running the online store (AperturePC) parallel to the gaming division, I have started using exercise as a daily escape to clear my head and spend at least an hour in the gym every other day as it helps me focus and creates an unwritten code of discipline and structure in my life. I also longboard on the off occasion and I?m the proud owner of a little rabbit, ha-ha.

Theuns & his adorable rabbit (so cute!!!)

Theuns longboarding

MSI: Thanks for your time, Theuns! Any final words?
Theuns ?Alpha-Renji? Louw: I would like to thank our supporters; we wouldn?t be where we are if it wasn?t for your support and I can?t express enough how much we appreciated everything you do for us. Thank you again Claire for the opportunity to spotlight my teams and MGO as a whole, much appreciated.

We hope you enjoyed the read and we wish Aperture Gaming all the best in future competitions. To stay up to date with ApG, follow it on Facebook, Twitter and its official website.

ApG FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aperture-Gaming/1376285569279546
ApG Twitter: https://twitter.com/apertureza
ApG Official website: http://aperturepc.co.za/
Alpha Renji Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlphaRenji/feed
Alpha Renji Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/alpha_renji