Attitudes towards consumers in Russia


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Mar 13, 2019
I used to respect MSI, but now I despise you.
No, MSI representation is possible in other countries and treats its customers with respect and understanding, but in Russia you just spit on them. My example confirms this only: anyone knows that a gift is something free, it should bring joy and satisfaction , but because the company, MSI, wanted to spit on its customers, MSI believes that the consumer should pay for the "gifts" ..
I did the ?service? of MSI, against the background of our competitors, I purchased the video card of your company ?MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z? on 02/24/2019 in the shop ?DNS?, but for some reason, I can?t take part in your promotion ?Upgrade your Weapon "and get from you" GIFT $ 50 on Steam account ", but because I did not pay for it ...
I needed to buy your video card for "Overpriced" in any of the stores participating in the promotion, so that I, for my money, who, I overpaid, gave a gift ...?
MSI - you do this only in Russia or everywhere, in the whole world, where is your representation?
Sorry that I am writing this on the Global Forum, I just really don?t like this MSI attitude in Russia.