B450M Mortar Max voltage drop under load


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Oct 17, 2019
Ive delved into overclocking my Ryzen 3600 on B450M Mortar max, and i found the big Vdroop no matter the LLC setting, whether its 1 or 8. On LLC Mode 1, i set 1,25V Vcore and get 1,28V actual Vcore and 1,21-1,22V on SFI2 TFN CPU voltage. So that's whooping 0,7V vdrop!. On LLC mode 8 i get 1,25Vcore, but 1,18 SFI2 TFN, so basically the LLC setting is useless -the gap between Vcore and SFI2 TFN stays the same, when it should close the gap if it was working correctly!

As you can see on the screenshot the drop is very big, even on LLC Mode 1. It overshoots the Vcore voltage correctly changing it from 1.25V to 1.28V, but the drop is still very big, ranging from 0,06V to 0,07V. It makes overclocking impossible without frying your CPU at idle loads, because with 1,325-1,35V under load, you need over 1,4V and even as much as 1,43V in idle, which will degrade CPU over time.

Does MSI acknowledge this issue? Mortar Max is not the cheapest board -it shouldnt have such a bad voltage drop considering its VRM is excellent.



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Sep 18, 2019
"CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN) value is the voltage measured by Voltage Regulator, which is supplied to the CPU (as VRM output). This voltage is then reported to CPU and evaluated using telemetry functions.
Vcore or VDDCR CPU is measurement of the same voltage rail, but by the mainboard logic (ITE chip).
I believe the SVI2 TFN values should be more accurate." - Martin, HWiNFO Author
You should also try to follow the posting guide for easier troubleshooting.
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