B650 Tomahawk - extremely slow boot times with the latest bios update (7D75v134 /


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Feb 23, 2023

So recently I saw on Reddit people discussing the AGESA ComboAM5 update and how it dramatically improved their boot times, so I decided to try it out, because I was using (the update from January this year) and boot times were really slow. Well, I got excited for nothing becuase it actually made things worse.

For example, with it took about 40-45 seconds in POST which is still super slow, but with that time increased to a whole minute, so overall it takes almost 2 minutes to boot into Windows 10. So I am not really sure what is causing this, because these updates are supposed to improve your performance (and boot times), not degrade it.

On top of that MSI also removed the version from the motherboard support page, so I was going to be stuck with this, though luckily I was able to guess the filename and download it from their servers, if anyone needs the file the link is: https://download.msi.com/bos_exe/mb/7D75v131.zip

Anyway, all of these slow boot times are occuring on near stock bios settings, and XMP profile #1 enabled, no overclocking or anything crazy going on. This is my current rig:

MSI MAG B650 Tomahawk Wifi
AMD Ryzen 9 7900 (non-X)
4x Kingston DDR5-5200 CL40 (KF552C40BBK2-16)


So my question is, is there something that can be done about this? Or are there any future updates from MSI that are expected to fix this problem? Because honestly it would be extremely disappointing paying nearly 300 euro for a motherboard, and have early 2000s boot times :(
Hello, I have the MB msi mpg B650 EDGE WIFI
With DDR5 memory: gskill tridentz5 Neo
Turning EXPO ON lead me on problems. Sometimes it boot (1 minute boot vs 20 seconds with NO expo), sometimes not.
When it boot, expo seems actived, and I have no problems playing games.
I update every bios launched the last 4 months and nothing, same problem every bios.
I guess the MotherBoard is the problem. Should I claim the guarantee?

Memory at stock settings, if I lower anything, just a little, like mhz, or voltaje, lead me again on boot problems. SO any change to memory, is a problem. Not only expo. Just for boot.
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MSI MAG B650 Tomahawk WiFi updated to BIOS 1.70 from 1.60.
System spec: CPU, 7600x, 32GB DDR5 rated at 5600mhz.

This Expo problem is still apparent in the latest bios! From a cold boot with expo on I'm lucky to get into windows in under a minute. From a cold boot with expo off I'm in windows in about 10-15 seconds. On top of that I'm getting random USB port problems. Looking back through this thread AM5 has been a problem with MSI's boards for a while. I think I'll return this board as it's not working as intended.
Just built a new system using this board. Spent the entire weekend optimizing and troubleshooting. Initial boot times were reaching 2 minutes sometimes and were never less than a 1:30.

BIOS: 7D75v17
Ram: G. skill Ripjaws S5 Cl30 6000 (XMP version of flare x5)
A-XMP: ON 6000 MHz
Power Down Enable: Enabled
Memory Context Restore: Enabled
DDR5 Nitro Mode: Enabled
DDR5 Robust Training mode: Enabled

these settings reduced the boot time from over a minute and a half to 17 seconds from the time I press the power button to the windows homescreen. I was even able to optimize my ram timings to be significantly tigher than XMP without issue.

the interesting thing is that DDR5 Nitro mode actually reduces boot time. In the bios it warns that this setting should increase boot time but improve stability with ram over 6000 MHz. However, with power down enable and memory context restore only I was still waiting around 40 seconds. Nitro mode was a significant improvement

Thanks for the information.

These settings managed to resolve the issue for my system.

It's has Ryzen 7800X3D paired with 32GB DDR5 6000 G Skill memory kit.

Running bios version 7D75v17.

Originally without these setting, the computer does not even reliably boot after shut down, it will just show nothing on screen. Needed to be shut down and restarted again once or twice before it even stated displaying anything. Even when it does show something, it takes a minute or two to even begin loading into windows. Disabling expo resolved this issue.

Now I can finally boot under 15 seconds with Expo after enabling those settings you mentioned.
MSI B650 Tomhawk here, with of course AM5 and DDR5, and BIOS 1.70. I have activated the EXPO with profile for 5600 MHz but the system will not boot (CPU led red, DRAM led yellow). I must flash the bios with the CMOS reset jumper and turn on the 5200 MHz profile, now it runs but the boot is very slow.

For MSI I should update the BIOS with the last Beta version but I don't like beta things... Someone can tell me if the new version (beta) can, at least, solve the boot issue?
People, Im into pcs since 1985(10 years old).
Samsung DDR5 memory is reaaaalllly bad.
I have seen 12900k intel with DDR% Corsair-Samsung memory going completely foul.

Go for Hynix DDR5 and you wont be mistaken.

Try one set from your friends/colleagues and I believe you have taken the correct path.

My 2 cents lads.
I have updated the BIOS to the last beta version. Task manager says a BIOS boot update between 16-22 second, (for me is more near 25-27 sec) but from when I made a reboot I must wait near 80-90 seconds to the Win11 desktop.
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AGESA ComboPI is updated to, otherwise it is the same as (according to "AM5 SMU Checker 0.5-0.6").

AM5 SMU Checker v0.5


AM5 SMU Checker v0.6

btw, ASRock Released UEFI Firmware Update for AM5 Motherboards with AMD AGESA Microcode, so MSI is late

AMI BIOS, 7D75v1A, 2023-11-08, 11.52 MB
File: E7D75AMS.1A0
Size: 32.768 KB

Chipset Version/FW: A0.01.82 | FW3328A | 2023.08.24 | (129 KB)
Chipset Version/FW: A0.01.82 | FW3328A | 2023.08.24 | (129 KB)

S Y S T E M M A N A G E M E N T U N I T [ S M U ]
Version Size CPU/APU Family Offset
84.79.223 (133 KB) Raphael (RPL) 7xx0 CPU [000DC800-000FDB50]
84.79.223 (133 KB) Raphael (RPL) 7xx0 CPU [005AC800-005CDB50]
76.69.0 (114 KB) Phoenix (PHX) 7xxx APU [00831C00-0084E230]
76.69.0 ( 77 KB) Phoenix (PHX) 7xxx APU [008B3500-008C6860]

AMI BIOS, 7D75v1A1(Beta version), 2023-10-17, 11.49 MB
File: E7D75AMS.1A1
Size: 32.768 KB

Chipset Version/FW: A0.01.82 | FW3328A | 2023.04.25 | (129 KB)
Chipset Version/FW: A0.01.82 | FW3328A | 2023.04.25 | (129 KB)

S Y S T E M M A N A G E M E N T U N I T [ S M U ]
Version Size CPU/APU Family Offset
84.79.223 (133 KB) Raphael (RPL) 7xx0 CPU [000DC800-000FDB50]
84.79.223 (133 KB) Raphael (RPL) 7xx0 CPU [005AC800-005CDB50]
76.66.0 (113 KB) Phoenix (PHX) 7xxx APU [00831C00-0084DF00]
76.66.0 ( 76 KB) Phoenix (PHX) 7xxx APU [008B3500-008C65B0]

Here is SS output from AM5 SMU Checker