B660 Motherboard & 13Gen Intel Cpu


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Nov 28, 2022
Hi, have build a PC,
with MSI Pro B660M-A DDR4 & i3-12100F
with the goal to replace the cpu right after the i5-13400F release,
is my Motherboard ok for that?
as i have read, i can(?) uptade the bios(?), and ill have no problem with heatsinks ect, since the 13400F gona be at 65w, right?


Oct 12, 2016
Yes, B660M-A DDR4 can handle a 13400F. That board model uses cheap discrete MOSFETS in the CPU VRM, but they use enough of them (6 phases with two MOSFETs per phase) and the VRM is fully heatsinked. BTW, the 13th gen non-K CPUs will be Alder Lake parts with slightly higher clock speeds, not Rocket Lake parts like the 13th gen -K CPUs.

About the TDP/PBP of 65W, that is mostly disregarded, for example MSI will usually set a power limit of 288W or so if you select "Tower Cooler" in the BIOS. Only if you select "Boxed Cooler", the power limits are set to Intel spec and the CPU will be limited to 65W under sustained full load. But with the 13400F, i suspect the maximum power draw of the CPU alone will stay around 100W or below, this is not a danger at all to your board's VRM section. So you can safely select "Tower Cooler" if you have a CPU cooler that can deal with 100W worth of heat.

Something like a 13900K should not be paired with an entry-level board like this, but a 13400F, i don't see a problem there.