Batman Arkham Knight- Steam


Dec 16, 2005
A cool game. A little hard for me on keyboard with the key binds. I survive- barely :) Is a pretty game in a dark gothic kind of way- 4K or not. I think I have all of the Batman games. This and Arkham City are the only ones I have played. I think I finished a play through or am very close to the end of both. I cant remember. I say I cant remember because I have and play lots of games and jump around and not always play start to end in some games- or I might get stuck on something and come back later and try try again. I am sure it is lots I can play after for more achievements etc. Riddler type stuff also. The game has a few different modes if I remember right. I may need play parts of them all if trying to get all achievements.

The Bat is having a hard night of it. He is not happy. Looking wonderful in 4K-- >
bm an 4k2.jpg

bm an 4k1.jpg

Joker is in and hurts my Bat brain->
bm an 4k3.jpg

bm an 4k4.jpg
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