Battery drain when off

Hundreds of MSI Laptop owners have the same problem with batteries.
2% per 24 hrs it's abnormal behavior. I have couple of different laptops. For example Omen 17-w206tx. 2% per 7-10 days.
I think if MSI added the battery disconnection button (we have to use it before RAM, SSD upgrade etc.) it means the board still consumes the power even when the laptop is off. Why? We need to ask engineers...
It goes in hibernation, not in a completely off state, if you want real no usage of power, press and hold power button when clicking turn off in windows, this will set it to as you perceive as off. HP is not a reference in my book, will never purchase a laptop from them, because the only good HP is a disabled one!
Just try the battery disconnection button if your laptop has it. You will need to connect the charger after to turn it on.
My laptop have a EC reset button, it also have same behaviour that i need AC Adapter to turn on the laptop. But that is not a feasible solution, as I dont want to be in a situation that my laptop does not turn on without Adapter. This just puts me in the same situation as now when I try to turn on my laptop after a week or so to find it completely drained.
Any solutions or workaround found?
A have already answered to you on the top. This button designed for the battery disconnecting and can be be used for any operations inside the laptop not only for the EC reset (RAM/SSD upgrade for example). It's only one solution.
Many models of MSI laptops have a bad schematic design. If this button presents inside the laptop it means the board is on power even in Off state.
You can also try to replace a battery, in case if your battery will stay have a big drain even after disconnection (battery physical or buttons disconnecting).
Turn the Fast Startup Off in Windows Power Options menu ... just in case.
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