Battlefield 1 Beta with GTX 1060 Gaming (non-X) and intel core i5 6500


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Jul 20, 2016
Hello Everyone

I have been testing every game I can on the firs PC I have ever built, I posted some pictures of the MSI GPU on the unboxing forum.
Like I said I'm testing some games. The first game I tested was Rise of the tomb raider, if you are interested to know the performance I got with the msi gtx 1060.
please follow this link to thread I made, wich includes a youtube video of the benchmark, and of course, the results given.

So again, here are my full specs:
intel core i5 6500
nvidia gtx ms 1060 gaming (non- X Edition)
DDR4 2133 8 gb
HDD 7200 rpm Hitachi
MOBO b150-hd3

The game is running on the "Overclock" preset from the msi gaming app.
The game is running at Ultra settings, and for your information, in the video configuration there's an option called "resolution scale", wich by default is at 42%.
This is the native screen of your monitor; while 100% is X2 of your native screen resolution.

Since there is no "benchmark mode", I played a game, made some cuts to the video, and uploaded to youtube.

I recorded a video with shadowplay and this is it:

As you can see on the video, There are no problems mantaining 60+fps, most of the time, with some rare dips to 50's.
The processor workload is almost always 100%, wich I myself find it weird.

Also , as you probably figured out from the video, I am not too good with this game, actually I am not very good with any first person shooter game,
especially if the game online, but I play it because of a friend insisted on me, since he wanted to see how good it runs on a gtx 1060 (he plays on xbox one, and he seems interested in pc gaming).
there is one other online first person shooter game I have been playing: Ghost in the Shell Online, wich I'm a little better at.
I will upload some benchmark later.

Getting back to the "resolution scale" setting, I tested the game at 100% scale ratio, and I got 30fps at ultra settings.
if you're interested on that resolution.

If you have any question let me know.


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Sep 24, 2016
If you have a 3GB graphics card then that may be the reason some of your games are dipping under 60 fps, battlefield is a really high end game, which uses lots of space. And if your CPU is always on 100% during games you should probably check it!