Battlefield 3 on my GE72 2QC


New member
Jan 29, 2016
GTX 960M​
12 GB DDR3​
17.3" at 1080p​

This game runs really well. I always turn on Cooler Boost to ensure the longevity of this beautiful notebook. I played at 1080p 60 fps on auto settings (medium to high, some ultra), and recorded at 720p 60 fps. On the top right you can see the FPS staying at 60. And geez, I know I'm a noob. However, more importantly, you can see that if a notebook runs a game like Battlefield 3 with good settings, it can run a LOT of other things.​

Using MSI Dragon, I can see that the temp stays at around 50-60 for GPU and 70-72ish for the CPU. However, I do use a small cooling pad. During less intensive gaming, like League of Legends, it will never be that hot.​

Running Windows 10 is good experience. It's pretty, sleek, and cool. I would recommend this laptop to other gamers, but not casual users. The battery life is bad; 2 hours max or a little over. The other bad thing is that Windows 10 is not compatible with Nahimic, EASILY. I would have to update and reinstall drivers and such. I would rather not risk doing it wrong, and keep my good-enough audio, so I?m staying Nahimic-less until some easy solution comes around. Besides that, this notebook has a little subwoofer that helps you feel the bass, and the audio level is quite high and good quality. Of course. Most gamers prefer using headphones anyways. But for those Netflix and Chill days, this would be perfect sound quality. In addition, the screen is gorgeous. Wide viewing angles, 1080p at 17.3? makes for a pleasant experience.​

However, I think the HDD is bottlenecking this notebook. The startup takes about a minute or two after logging in, sometimes much less (I don?t know why). Opening the task manager shows 100% disc usage; everything else is fine. After the minute or two, disc goes back down on 1% or some small number, and the computer is ready to be used fully. I have disabled the useless startup applications, and kept the necessary or useful ones. During gaming though, the FPS is great and I don?t think the HDD impacts the frame rate.​

All in all, a great notebook for the gamers, provided you?re okay with an HDD and short battery.​