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Apr 30, 2023
Hello, building my own build kit and was wondering if anyone can tell me how this build looks? I will be using it for gaming, music production, and regular work/school usage. also I am very new to PC world just thought I’d throw that out there.

Was also wondering what monitor would be best for this set up as well? Budget for monitor is $1,000 or less and would like the size to be 27-32 and No OLEDs please

also is the MSI pro X670-P a good choice for the Ryder 9 7950X



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Nov 20, 2012
While most people know I'm not a huge AMD guy......I'd be wary of using the lowest end MSI motherboard from the X670 line with the highest end CPU from AMD. Will it work? Sure.....but it's probably worthwhile stepping up to the Tomahawk or Carbon WIFI just go get the better VRM setup in those systems vs the x670-P.

Other than that, the rest of it looks pretty good.

Monitor? Honestly......all depends what you're looking for. Resolution, frequencies, varies quite a bit.
Personally, I prefer having atleast a single 4k monitor, just because having that much 'space' on a screen is nice sometimes. But I'd rather have 1440P or 1080P for the gaming aspect as my main monitor. So honestly.....whatever floats your boat?
I don't personally care for MSI's monitors because I hate the 'single button interface' in the back of them. But if you're OK with that, there's plenty of monitors out there that should suit whatever needs/desires you have. :)

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Sep 11, 2020
Ditto agree that Pro boards are more for Office users and may have limited bios options for Overclocking

But the Pro and Tomahawk share a lot of the same features biggest difference is PCIE5 On the Pro is only on one M.2 and not any of the PCIE slots
Tomahawk has one PCIE-5-M.2 and One PCIE-5 PCIEx16 slot and looks better with a Better sound chip and built-in IO shield. and built-in M.2 heat sinks on three of the four compared to only one on the Pro board. also looks like it has better VRM cooling than the Pro