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My favorite game for consistent "goodness" all around (gameplay, story, characters, music, acting etc) is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, however my favorite game to play and love is "Final Fantasy VI". :)
I love Middle Earth : Shadow of Morder, but I play Dota EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE.
Assassins Creed Series
Metal Gear Series
Witcher Series
Mass Effect Series
GTA Series
Resident Evil Series
Hitman Series
Tomb Raider Series
Batman - Arkham Knight

Shadow of Mordor
Hard to choose a favourite but I have a selection I like to play:

Pro Evolution Soccer series
Ashes Cricket 2009
Dirt 3
Just Cause 3
Borderlands 1 and 2

I know some are old games but I like them.

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At the moment my favorite game that I have been playing is Titanfall 2. This is probably the oldest game on my PC that I play religiously
Might not be the best but I love the hell outta the prototype series. Prototype 3 where you at?
I would have to say the most recent for me would be a tie between GTA Online and Borderlands 2.  The amount of time on both of those games is staggering.
Witcher, the whole series. Can't wait to play Witcher 3 on my new MSI notebook. :D And then Dark Souls, I hate and love it both at the same time...
The witcher and Skyrim
I just love fantasy universe so these games are always exciting for me to play
As of right now I am playing a lot of Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Forza Motorsport 7.  GTA v gets played a bit, though I do not play online much on PC considering the amount of time I have spent on XBL.  Destiny 2 will most likely become my most played on PC though, as the Xbox  version just doesn't seem right since playing the PC beta.
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