Best geaming Headphones under 125$ ?


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Jan 8, 2018
I am Looking for some good Wireless Headphones under 125$ as my current headphones doesn't help me at all. Like playing Pubg my squad can hear foot steps but not me and due to this i die a lot. Please Suggest
If you can stretch the budget a bit more, I'd highly recommend the Arctis 7 by Steelseries.

It was rated as one of the best gaming headsets last of 2017, is wireless through a transmitter not Bluetooth which is nice, has a high quality microphone, comfortable, good sound etc.
I just use my apple airpods 2nd generation, amazing sound and bass is coming out of those pods.
There's no such thing as good gaming headphones its like saying that TWC (true wireless headphones, e.g. those with charging case) or noise cancelling headphones are good.. They aren't.. All those categories put a hard cap on the quality of sound even the best most expensive in that category is still worse than a cheap ($100) pair of well-researched normal closed-back headphones. This is facts, its undebatable..

All 3 types of headphones I mentioned are a giant compromise and gaming headphones is synonymous with being the absolute worst headphones on the market in terms of both sound quality and durability... I like my AirPods Pro 2nd for podcasts on walks and they are surprisingly "OK"-ish for being Apple but the fit is terrible and the sound is quite canny especially once any of the fancy filters are enabled

And I'm dead serious..

Buy a FIFINE K669B microphone and buy real closedback headphones instead.. Your gaming friends will thank you for not owning a terrible gaming mic that picks up all mouth sounds. Yourself will be much happier that for the first time you own headphones that last longer than a few weeks to 2 years - cuz wellmade headphones last forever unlike gaming headphones.

Frankly it almost doesn't matter which, almost any headphone you research with reviews will be 100x better than any "gaming" headphone cuz gaming headphones is a term used for plasticky, bad, terrible headphones that all sell on features, color, design or RGB.. not on sound, quality or durability.

Any pair of gaming headphones belong in the trash truly - its a real trap.. Beyerdynamics might be OK only in lack of better options from actual headphone companies, but its still just a forced upselling product, watch real critical reviews of them they aren't impressive to anyone who is serious in reviews on audio.

Neither is there anything that makes headphones "good for gaming" thats an extremely vague statement and entirely subjective - can anyone even explain without twitching what this actually means?

If your goal is picking up faint footstep sounds in counterstrike you install EqualizerAPO and boost the frequencies of the actual footstep.wav sound from counterstrike to pick it up easier..
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