Best mode for gaming?


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May 19, 2020
Hello everyone!

I bought a GF75 Thin 9SC laptop three months ago, and I want to play some Warzone.
According to CanYouRunIt, it can move the game pretty well. The thing is, I'm confused with the different modes Dragon Center has.
I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I would appreciate some help. Which one would you recommend? I don't want to have high temperatures, even though I own a cooling pad.

Thank you so much for your time.

Big mac

Big mac
Jul 1, 2020
If you want to get the best performance in the game, it is definitely changing the shift mode to extreme performance.
For high performance, the CPU temperature will definitely rise.

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any under 94C ,,better static clock ,.not any limit
and 3.5ghz or 4ghz --absolute same performance :-)

turbo or sport --only check max temperatures
hwinfo --sensor


Aug 21, 2020
This might hear counter-intuitive, but I believe this is worthy to know.

I want to tell you that Extreme - or any high performance - mode does NOT ALWAYS guarantee 'higher' performance than normal Balanced mode when gaming or under heavy load.

The 'high' performance setting in Windows 10 power mode, perhaps the same as or pretty similar to the 'high' preset in Dragon Center User Profile, basically means that it forcibly holds CPU frequency to its maximum all the time.

Originally CPU is supposed to make a peak performance by increasing its frequency or temporarily turning on its own patented Turbo Boost when it needs it. But by manually holding its maximum performance always, it inevitably produces more heat than usual. Even though our MSI laptops' fancy cooling fans also will run harder to catch it up, if the cooling system fails to cool it down enough for some reason then as a result your actual performance experience (like FPS in game or overall temperature you feel on your fingers) will become worse.

So here is my recommendation as a rule of thumb. Start with the Balanced user scenario as default. When you have special reason to boost it up or in the opposite calm it down, that's the time for you to select Extreme Performance with loud Cooler Boost or Silence mode. This is because not every gaming needs the same amount of hardware specification to run enough, and most times Balanced mode is just enough.

Again, you don't need to squeeze your laptop too much unnecessarily. Ironically sometimes Balanced mode could provide you better performance than Extreme or so-called 'high' performance mode so you don't have to mistreat yours (especially if you want to keep it long).

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