Black screen after update bios b660 tomahawk ddr4 wifi


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Jun 22, 2022
Great thread. I still don’t know why the guy I talked to from the support refused to give me a VBIOS or refused to admit that the new MSI BIOS is causing the issue. They should at least add a warning on the download page.

Anyway if you need more details on the procedure to flash an old nvidia card let me know.


Oct 12, 2016
You can write any sort of detail here, i think it could benefit other affected people with old NVIDIA GPUs (that i suspect will appear here on the forum sooner or later).

The new BIOS versions just came out, so there will be a gradual increase in people with old graphics cards updating their board's BIOS and running into this problem. We are on the frontline of this development, people are just as likely to post on this forum as they are to report it to MSI straight away. And here on the forum - without trying to blow my own trumpet - other people didn't really make the connection between Secure Boot being enabled by default and an old graphics card without GOP resulting in this issue.

So i think it will take MSI some time to realize what's going on, they don't seem to test new BIOS releases with old hardware, and they first have to find the common denominator. In that all users that report such problems will be using a GPU that's missing a GOP in its firmware. Hopefully my thread can accelerate that realization, but i think the only fix from MSI's side would be to backpedal and revert back to Secure Boot being disabled again in a newer BIOS, or not to fix it and just add a warning, as you say.


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Nov 20, 2003

Latest beta BIOS E7D41IMS.272 would resolve this issue.
For flashing use Forum flasher:
Forum Flasher V1.18_V2
Pickup the special blind flash version and follow the simple steps to flash it.
[prepare the USB key for flashing, then shutdown the PC,
and disconnect temporary any other storages except that USB key that will be used for flashing]
Then turn on PC and wait auto flashing to start and finish automatically.
[when blind flashing is complete the PC will auto shutdown,
then you can remove the USB key and reconnect the rest of your storages and turn it on]
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