Boots but will not install OS


New member
Dec 6, 2022
I have gone hrough four board replacements to try to get this issue resolved. I started out with the z690 Edge with wifi which would not boot up with all four RAM slots being filled and would only work with one sttick of RAM. MSI replaced the board in September upgrading it to the z690 Cabon WIFI. We got hit by hurricane Ian and I was dispatched by FEMA to do recovery so I just got back to work on it. I got it all together and attempted to install an OS but the screen is stuck on the MPG logo and windows will not install. I flashed the BIOS all the way to the current and still nothing. I attempted multiple time to install from different drives, USB ports and more. I changed the settings in the setup and nothing. So far MSI motherboards have been the best when working and the worse build I have ever experienced. I had one board that would not recognize any hdd or sdd. I have been working on this build for the better part of a year without success and MSI can't seem to help me figure it out. I am a computer tech and the first time I decide to build a unit for myself It is messed up.