Bought a new MSI laptop??


New member
Jun 19, 2021
I bought a new MSI GP65 Leapord laptop, Im not a Gamer

When it started for the first time it had the backlit keyboard working perfectly. I disabled it at the Steel Series Engine App, since it was getting unnecessary attention from my little girl. Now i tried enabling it with the key board but accidently i had reduced the brightness to 0 by pressing the FN+Num+ key. Now when i tried to switch on the backlit keyboard with Steel Series, it did not start. I took 2 days to figure out the brightness is 0. Why not provide a notification or OSD type display or a slider in te Steel Series Engine App for the brightness of backlit????

The next one, the Dragon Center got updated and since then, every time I try to open the dragon center to see the CPU temperature or the fan speed, I get a message saying "Wait for the UI to load" and it takes a lot of time. Acutally now it never loads, its hangs and I'm thinking of uninstalling the Dragon Center.