Bravo 15 A4CDR Extra SSD Failure


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Nov 27, 2020
I have an awkward problem with my new laptop. When I add secondary SSD Kioxia Exercia NVMe (PCIe) it completely works fine until restarting the laptop. When I restart the laptop it stucks on MSI logo and nothing happens. The health of SSD seems fine, there is no bad sector and its empty I mean its not on booting option even. The interesting thing is the Kioxia SSD works very well in another laptop. Also I've tested Bravo 15 with different extra SSD ( Sandisk m.2 sata) and it works well in Bravo.

When I had bought this laptop I was experiencing same problem and technical service said its SSD error then they've changed the stock SSD with another one and problem solved. Now, for new but repeating problem technical service had checked the laptop and they've said there is error with Kioxia and another MSI devices experiencing same failure.

Kioxia gave to me same new SSD and this failure still exist with Bravo 15 but again no problem with another laptop. Is there anything I can do for this problem?

Big mac

Big mac
Jul 1, 2020
Maybe it is a compatibility issue.
I suggest you could contact MSI technical support to get the compatibility list of SSD.