[BUG] MSI OLED Care not functioning correctly (MSI MPG 491CQP QD-OLED 49")

Apr 1, 2024
Recently nabbed a new 49" OLED MSI MPG 491CQP from Newegg. However, after a few days I've been driven nuts by the "Panel Protect" feature.

What it's supposed to do:
Run automatically after a minimum of 4 hours of use IF the monitor isn't in use (ie: in standby with an orange led)

What it's actually doing:
Never runs automatically when the monitor isn't in use, or no signal is being sent to the monitor (ex: if the PC is off), and ALWAYS requires me to manually execute the OLED Panel Care feature when I'm in the middle of doing something.

I've looked around and found several other people having the same issue. Many, apparently, have returned their OLED MSI monitors because this bug has yet to be acknowledged by MSI at all.

What should happen:
- If I turn my PC off, and the monitor receives no signal for at least 10+ minutes AND the monitor remains on, the OLED Panel Care feature should run
- If my PC turns my monitor off after not being used for 15minutes (set in Windows Power Options) the MSI OLED Care "Panel Care" feature should run

Every other manufacturer I've seen using the Gen2 or Gen3 Samsung panels do NOT have this issue. Why does MSI's? This should be an easy Firmware update.

Like many others, I'll be returning my new 49" behemoth of a monitor if this isn't address in the next few weeks with a firmware update.


[Edit]: The following is my daily use-case (not uncommon for most people):
- I turn my PC off every night (for real reasons I can specify later if necessary, but this is not an uncommon or unacceptable requirement)
- I leave my monitor powered after turning my PC off (orange LED, not in use, but receiving "no signal" from PC)
- My PC Power options are:
------->Turn monitor off after: 15 minutes
------->Put PC to Sleep: Never

My normal use-case above should 100% work fine with the OLED Care feature. It SHOULD run when my PC is off, but the monitor is still powered on. This is the PERFECT time to run OLED Care feature. Furthermore, if the PC is inactive for more than 10/15/30 minutes (monitor sent to standby/sleep by PC) it should run the OLED Care if monitor has been used for a minimum of 4hrs. Also, like I've said before, I cannot stress enough that my monitor should NOT be turned OFF by the "Panel Protect" feature. It should go back to orange LED "standby" mode.
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The above is a screenshot of the offending feature. Sorry if it's not a part of "OLED Care 2.0" I was assuming that was MSI's custom implementation. However, it IS MSI's custom implementation itself that is causing grief. I've already found a few people who have returned Gen2 and Gen3 MSI OLED monitors over this broken "feature".

Some people I've spoken to about it apparently are just "treading water" with it until MSI "fixes" it with a firmware update. However, the overwhelming advice seems to be to return my monitor as MSI is aware of this issue and dragging their feet on it???

The least they could do is acknowledge the issue publicly and commit to fixing it. It has been known about for awhile now (according to Reddit and the UltraWide Discord).
[Update] Resetting my monitor's firmware allowed it to finally automatically run the "MSI OLED Care - Panel Protect" last night when turning my PC off. I turned my PC off and watched the orange LED for a few minutes before it turned off. This morning I checked it and sure enough it incremented the Panel Protect count & reset the timer in the OSD.

HOWEVER, I've still yet to see it automatically run when my monitor has been put to sleep by my PC during normal hours.

Having said that it ALSO should NOT turn my monitor OFF after running a Panel Protect cycle.

Please have your MSI Engineers add more customization options to Panel Protect. People have returned several of your monitors over this issue, and I've been recommended to return mine over it. It's simply not an acceptable use-case for a gaming or even productivity monitor!