Building my 1st PC - RX 480 Gaming X 4Gb

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Apr 26, 2017
Hello !

After the presentation of my B350 Mortar in the mother boards section, time to talk about its partner, the MSI RX 480 Gaming X 4Gb.

As for the mother board, the choice of the graphic card was made after many researches and comparisons.  I needed the best quality-price ratio able to run the most recent games in 1080p at decent fps (my monitor is 60Hz so no need to look for higher than 60 fps). Considering my budget, I had to choose between this GPU and the GTX 1060 3Gb. Having an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, I made the choice of a full AMD conf :) Between all the RX 480 models, I chose the MSI product due to the high GPU clocks reached and the efficient (and good looking) cooling solution.

Back now to the product itself. The packaging is elegant and the graphic card is well protected in foam and anti-static bag. It comes with a drivers CD rom and a little quick start guide. I would have like some goodies like stickers or a more complete user manual, it would have been a nice bonus. The card itself is really good looking and perfectly matches my MSI mother board.

Time to try it. I had issues to install the drivers from the CD rom provided with the card but the MSI website is clear enough to easily find and Download them. At idle temperature, the GPU fan are off so the card doesn not produce any sound. At full charge, the card is a bit noisy, but nothing terrible. The full fan speed could have been set a bit later though. But I think this can be set using Afterburner. Besides this, I?m really happy with this card which fully corresponds to what I was looking for. Recent games such as Doom run smoothly (around 80 fps) using ultra settings. I srull need to test a Nvidia optimised game to see how it runs but I'm prettu sure the card will do the job. This is a card I highly recommend for 1080p gaming on 60Hz screen.


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