Camera not working


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Jun 17, 2018
First off, you should check it in your Device Manager and update the drivers. Once that's done, check your privacy settings and your MSI center to make sure the camera is enabled and programs have the necessary permissions to access it; also, check your antivirus and disable any options that may stop the camera from working properly.
Then, try using the camera in different programs, in case it was a problem with just the program you are trying to use it in.
That should clear out most software problems.
If it still doesn't work, come back with some more info, laptop model, OS version, etc.

But having it disabled for 2 years, it may be a hardware problem.

I'm sure someone more expert than myself will be able to help you further :)

My camera wasn't working either, but it was a specific issue, in which I had to get my BIOS to recognize it again. I doubt that's your problem, but here's my post:
Jan 13, 2021
Which model of laptop do you have?
Did you try to press the shortcut function key to enable the webcam?
You can refer to the below article to check the device in device manager. To see if there is webcam device in device manager.