Can I reset GPU to default outside of the box?


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Feb 15, 2023
My buddy upgraded and gifted me his MSI r8 380. It was, and i assume, currently is overclocked. I have an AMD MB about the same age that gives me 8 beeps, which is a memory timing error and it doesn't post (or work). At least not on HDMI. no fan activity. A pretty backlit logo tho. PSU is only 450, but i think that should suffice just for desktop mode.

I'm thinking the MB doesn't like the overclocked setting on the GPU. Is there any way to reset it to factory settings when not installed?


Oct 12, 2016
Overclocking would usually be done from within Windows, for example with MSI Afterburner. Then the card would otherwise stay normal. If you put it into another PC, the overclock is not active anymore.

So regarding your error, the quickest way to find out is by using a different GPU or no GPU at all. If you still get exactly the same beeps, it has nothing to do with the R9 380.

Then please list all your components in detail, like board, CPU, RAM, PSU models. The wattage of the PSU is almost irrelevant, much more important are its quality and age, which we can roughly find out when you list the exact model you have.