cd rw ms-8348



I have purchased an 8348 cd re writer bundled with nero, the re writable disk when I go to format it gets half way through then the computer comes up with windows error a blue screen then I have to manually re boot.
Also I seem to copy a cd with no problems but when I insert the copied disk the drive says please insert cd, can anyone throw any light on these matters.
On the MSI site downloading the driver for this cd re writer I click on it but nothing happens, can anyone e mail me the correct driver.
Regards Lone


I have bought the same CD-RW 8348, without serie A (8348A).And I have the same problem.And it isn`t all.When you will burn new CD,you have about 40% or less chance it will be succesfull.It`s terrible but it is right.MSI isn`t good in this part.CD-RW 8348 have firmware 110D and in download centre in MSI isn`t any firmware to download and upgrade.If you have CD-RW 8348A you can download firmware to upgrade to version 140D.Then can be it better.Sorry for my english.I`m from Czech Republic in Europe.The last opinion.You are using Win2000 or WinXP?If you install Win98SE the problem will be destroyed.I have 2 systems.In WinXP do everythin and in Win98SE only burn a new CD.Don`t forgot the Win98SE can`t use NTFS.


I also bought the 48-16-48 version A, and I had a problem with the CD-RW that was given with the driver.
It just seems to be a really bad quality CD-RW, as after I burnt it, I noticed that the coating was peeling off. :evil: ?( At that point I couldn't use the disk anymore.

But CD-R are burning well. :p

Just one other thing, the 48-16-48 cannot burn 100 minutes (875mb) CDs. Hopefully MSI's going to do something about it with the next firmware. :rolleyes:

See ya...