computer rebooting in the bios after install MSI B550m PRO VDH WIFI

Dec 28, 2021
new config this morning with msib550m pro vdh wifi and ryyzen 7 3800x ram 16 go DDR4

the system is booting on the bios and then it turns off randomly and after rebooting back in the bios.

No boot on the SSD.

bios flashed to version E7C95AMS.280,

any idea?

help please!
hey thanx for answer

amd ryzen 7 3800 X / MSI B550M PRO-VDH-WIFI / graphic card MSI N720 : psu be quiet pure power 80 300 W : 2X8 GO ballistic DDR4 3200MHZ / SSD Fujitsu 120 go Windows / WD 1To

Seems that my computeur can't boot on my ssd
The only unusual item in your hardware list is the PSU. The symptoms you experience could well be from power shortage.
This PSU is really weak (it's not bad, but it's meant for Office PCs with fixed hardware requirements). I would try another one, with at least 450 Watt. In the meantime, I would detach all USB devices from your machine; those draw additional juice from the PSU.
Good luck!