Confused on why my older computer upscales faster with older graphics card and older hardware.

Sep 19, 2020
The upscaling software I am using is called topaz video enhance ai. It recommends higher gb cards and I think it prefers Nvidia cards over Amd. Now here's the real kicker. I just got done installing it on my older computer and for some reason it's quicker at 4k upscaling or whatever the term is. I was shocked because when I was on their website and read system requirements I thought it said my i5 4670k was too old for it since it recommended intel computers 2015 and up. Yet, I'm kind of thinking it's going faster because something intel does better than amd cpus is a factor on the speed. I had the rx 480 4gb in my ryzen 7 3700x a couple months ago and when I tried to upscale with a similar program but I think it was gigapixel instead of topaz video enhance ai it was going super slow. So what is factoring in the quicker 3-4 second per frame speed compared to my Ryzen 7 3700x and RX 5600 XT taking between 9-11 seconds per frame at 4k. The other computer has older parts! This is backwards. The newer computer should be faster shouldn't it? Also I don't know if it's the Intel cpu or the rx 480 4gb that is doing something to speed the process up in topaz video enhance ai because I was originally using gigapixel which might work a little different than topaz video enhance ai.

Specs for computer 1:
Ryzen 7 3700x 8 core cpu
Msi 5600 xt gaming mx 6gb
16gb ddr4 ram
2tb hard-drive

Specs for computer 2:
I5 4670k 3.4ghz quad core
MSI rx 480 4gb reference card
8gb ddr3 ram
140 gig hard-drive