Coreliquid k360 screen doesnt work after software update.


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Nov 11, 2021
Today, I just update k360's software through msi center.
It was about the led something I guess.
But after update, Screen doesnt work anymore.
Is there anyone who has the same problem as me?
화면 캡처 2021-11-12 023817.png
화면 캡처 2021-11-12 023903.png
Please help as well, my screen was working then I did the screen firmware update and the update got stuck permanently at 4% progress, I restarted and the screen shut off and I cannot use the coreliquid utility in msi center.

I bought the meg s360 a month and a half ago, but for two week, I can no longer control it (screen or fan).
I have reinstall MSI center 2 times, and one times 2.0.22 but without success.

I don't know what to do now...

Thanks you if you can help me !

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Hey Svet,

it looks like I have the same problem with my K360. I have uninstalled and installed the MSI Center with the Cleaner several times. I tried the B130 tool. But similar to the others, I'm stuck in a loop here (at M481).
Current Version B130 v. 000C
Current OLED version seems to be bricked since the update tool is now 0000 (was 0007 I think) the same for SPI.
I have also completely powered down the computer and deactivated tools like AIDA. In the MSI Center the LED Update was on but now it hangs either at 4 % Downloading or at 99% Installing. I would really appreciate your help.