Corsair RGB SP120 Fans on Mortar B560M MB

Nov 17, 2022
Hi All,

Wasn't sure where to post this one!

So as above, I have a Mortar B560M MB and a couple of Corsair RGB SP120 fans. I have them connected to Sysfan1 and 2 and are PWM controlled from the BIOS. I have then RGB cable connected to a Corsair RGB hub which is connected to a SATA cable from the PSU. The problem is, the RGB lighting is not working. Any ideas why this might be or what I can do to try and get the RGB functional? I do not have the Corsair commander. Corsair RGB seems to be a damn mess!

The PSU is a fully modular Corsair CX750F. I have an SSD and HDD powered by one SATA cable and I connected the RGB hub to a separate SATA cable rather than take power from the drives.

Any suggestions would be ace!

All the best,