Counter-Strike : Global Offensive

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Dec 13, 2015
Counter-Strike : Global Offensive other known as CS:GO, is reaching an all time high in the e-Sports side of things. There was a new gun added to the game and the pro players agreed not to use this gun in competitions due to it being new and overpowered which would make the tournaments unfair.

Patch Notes Affecting Gameplay:

? Added a new secondary weapon, the R8 Revolver, which occupies the Desert Eagle load-out slot.

? In Competitive Matchmaking times are now 1:55 and 0:40 for round and C4, respectively. These are also the new times for CSGO Major Championships.
? Adjusted recovery time on the AK47, M4A4, and M4A1-S assault rifles to reduce the range at which spraying is preferable to tapping/bursting.
? Increased move inaccuracy on pistols: Elites, Fiveseven, Glock, P2000, P250, Tec9, USP, CZ75a.
? Added team timeouts to Competitive Matchmaking, which can be called with a vote. Default is 60 seconds, set by mp_team_timeout_time.
? Added new Killer Replay to Casual and Demolition modes. GOTV must be active on the server to enable the feature.
? Menu option Help/Options->Game Settings->Automatic Killer Replay will turn replay off.
? Several convars are available to customize the Killer Replay. Search for ?replay? in the console for a complete list.

? Game servers and GOTV relays not logged in to a persistent game server account with a Game Server Login Token (GSLT) will only allow clients to connect from the same LAN.
? Community servers can now be only connected by their real public IP or their internal RFC1918 address.
? To create a GSLT, visit the GSLT creation utility here: http://
? Each GSLT is restricted for use on one dedicated server instance only, and should be passed on command line with +sv_setsteamaccount THISGSLTHERE -net_port_try 1
? Added an option to report servers for misrepresenting players? inventory and/or rank.
? Game servers will now display their SteamID to an operator?s status request in the server console.
? Game servers with GOTV enabled and GOTV relays that need to support external clients connecting on GOTV port must set tv_advertise_watchable 1

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