CPU Temperature above 90%

Mar 26, 2021
Good Morning All,

I build my Gaming PC in November with really beefy specs. below is my specs
MotherBoard: MSI GODLIKE Z490
RAM: 32 GB (3600)
Cooling: MSI Liquid Cooler (AIO - three Fans)
CPU: Core i9 10th Gen
GPU: RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trios
PC Fans : three Fans.

5 Days ago, I was playing COD Warzone and suddenly crashed from the game and my PC become laggy, Then i saw the CPU temperature was 100%. So yesterday i reapplied the thermal paste and set my fans up to high but still my CPU core temperature is constantly 89% and goes up to 91%. Can someone help me to figure out the issue ?
My Case is full tower and plenty of airflow space.

Please let me know, What is the issue ?



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Nov 7, 2013
Sounds like the pump might have gone bad. If you unplug the fans, are you able to hear it working? If you touch both tubes for the cooler, is one hot and the other cold?