Creator Z16 – USB microphone CRACKLING and static NOISE


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Nov 7, 2021
Hello MSI user,

I just purchased MSI Creator Z16 instead of my previous one MSI GP62 6QF, and experienced problem with the USB microphone (AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR2500x) that never happened to my previous one.

It is heavy CRACKLING and static NOISE on speakers when I make a voice recording, I have tried lots of method, e.g.
- disconnect & reconnect the hardware,
- uninstall Realtek audio driver and reinstall manually with the latest version,
- uninstall and reinstall any audio related driver (Realtek, Nahimic, Intel Smart Sound)
- reinstall window 10, both quick and full methods,

The result remains the same, but if I switch the sound input to “Microphone Array (Intel Smart Sound Technology)”, everything back to normal (no crackling & noise).
As Youtuber, this issue never happened on my previous one MSI GP62 6QF.

Does anyone experience like this? any suggestion would be appreciated.


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Sep 25, 2020
Check BIOS version on MSI's website.
Reset EC afterward.
Do other headphones or mics behave similarly or just the AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR2500x?