CS:GO on codex 3

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Sep 21, 2017
I am a curious player if I may say so, I like to play all diffrent games and csgo is my favorite.
At first I had some problems with fullscreen that kept crashing but I fixed it don't worry it were game settings that made it crash.
For the rest it plays good but I thought I had low frames only 200 fps average on Inferno with the 1060 3gb Mini, but It was easily fixed I turned of the FPS cap so I can have the max fps the game allows me to.
The loading screen is in 999fps and when playing on inferno I have about 400-500 now I think the Intel I5 7400 works perfectly hand in hand with the MSI 1060 3gb mini that is the standard codex 3 configuration the 8GB of ram is a little low tho 12 or 16 GB would have been better but overal it works great on csgo and all other processor intensive games (Sometimes crashes on Minecraft tho :( sad) but apart from some lag spikes when going on custom maps with high amount of props this thing is awesome, also on csgo the shadow play that Nvidia gives us records without problem and no lagging while doing so.

I have one problem with this review and it is that I do not know how to explain this in 350 words I think it's a little overkill because in 200 words it's easier and less pressuring to people oh jesus still 100 words to go well then,

The game runs beautifull on a full HD monitor with high settings and high FPS custom maps  can be a issue sometimes but for the rest this gaming rig is perfect for high fps csgo with 144hz monitor so it looks perfect and so fast so realistic. The game does stress the proccesor alot tho and it isn't easy to not notice the fan when gaming even with ear covering headsets and sound damping headset so a more silent cooler would be awesome for these kind of games and going back to minecraft it is all ram a related and not having 64 bit java on the system, thank you for reading this messy review <3
Not open for further replies.