CSgo keep tabbing out and freeze


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Oct 29, 2018
I have undervolt my gpu with msi afterburn with setting the graph to 900 volt and frequency to 1898 hz. 
when i try to undervolt my cpu, through throttlestop, and kept voltage to -150 under FIVR for Cpu and cache, enable sppedshift, speedstep, BD prochat diable turbo
my csgo keep tabbing for few seconds in every 10 seconds, then leading to freeze. then i have increased to -120, but the result is same
On the same setting,  it does not tabbing out for first day and temp is between 65-75 for GPU and 70-80 for CPU with fps 270-299
there is no problem with driver, game files, Win 10 as all these are up to date and all other drivers are up to date. 
I kept speedshift to 128. 

Last night i checked without change in FIVR settings and all other setting remain same, then it worked properly with max temp to 82 for CPU with full fans and FPS varies from 210-240.

What i am doing wrong?
This occur only on csgo and no other game effected. 

I have MSI GV62 8RE-050IN
i7 8750H
GTX 1060 6Gb variant