CSM to UEFI not working!!!


New member
Feb 8, 2024
Hi guys, I’m trying upgrade to windows 11 from windows 10. i’m having some trouble into enable UEFI mode and Secure Boot. i go into Windows OS configuration and set UEFI but when i try to enable Secure Boot i recive this error : WARNING: CSM is Loaded! Disable the CSM in Setup. Repeat operation after Reboot tensure UEFI Video (GOP) driver is operational. i had already seen different videos that explain how to solve this kind of warning message but when i try to reboot my PC when UEFI is set instead of CSM i do not recive anymore video signal so neither the BIOS interface. to solve this problem i have to clear the cmos but if i do that everything is resetted to default and will happen the same things i said before. I Have an MSI b450m pro vdh max and a ryzen 7 3700X. did you know how to help?