Cubi 5 M10 not booting correctly

Apr 21, 2023
Hello all,

I've recently (late Feb) bought a barebones Cubi 5 M10 with i7-10510 processor, installed Corsair 2x16GB 2666 MHz and a Samsung 970 EVO 2TB. They're all being read correctly by the BIOS as far as I can tell. It took me a bit of effort to get Windows 10 Pro installed from an ISO on USB in the first place but that was due to the USB I was using. Now that I've got it all installed and Windows has done several rounds of updates I'm having trouble getting the computer to start properly.

As a bit of a background, this is a computer that I'm planning on using to controller a couple of cameras and a telescope remotely. I've currently set TeamViewer to start at startup and the idea is that I can control the telescope from either my desktop or laptop from the comfort of inside the house. This means two things. It'll rarely if ever have a monitor, keyboard or mouse connected to it. It doesn't just get turned off, it gets unplugged and stored frequently.

The problem I'm having at the moment is that when I start the computer up it gets stuck at the MSI screen (at BIOS) and isn't progressing to loading Windows on the HD. The only way I've found to log in is to put the install USB in and run the "Repair Computer" and it'll start without issue. I can then restart the computer without any issue; without the need for the USB. It's only when I've had it unplugged for a while and go to start it up that I have to first load it off of the USB.

I've played with near every setting in the BIOS but with no success. Swapping HD boot to #1 doesn't fix the issue, just means I have to load into BIOS to force a USB boot to get it to start with is less convenient.

As much as I'm slowly installing all of the software I need it's currently an expensive door stop unless I setup a monitor and keyboard outside! Any thoughts? Have it done something wrong that I'm not aware of during the original installation of Windows?



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Nov 21, 2019
Please just install one memory to check this symptom is still or not.