DDR Problem with MSI MEGA PC



Hi there

I bought a Mega PC barebone system and added an HDD, P4 2.4 CPU, and 2 PC2100/DDR266 memory banks of 512MB (manufact. code MPN - 512MBPC2100).

Unfortunatelly, the pc thinks (BIOS Start up and Windows ME) that only 512MB have been installed rather than 1G as it ought to. Out of curiocity, I removed one memory bank, it reported 256MB then replaced it with the other the same result. The mem banks are definitely labelled as 512MB

I'm lost. The supplier insist they provided me the right memory chips. If so, any ideas why this would happen?

I am a newbie so apologies in advance if this is something very simple or has been asked nTth times.

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

Thanks in advance