Digi@nwhere A/D Plus on Windows XP MCE (not working with Media Center)


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Oct 30, 2010
I just recently bought a MSI Digi@nywhere A/D Plus from Newegg.com http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815127008 to replace the WinTV by Hauppage that came with my HP Media Center m7640n, after installing the card and drivers, I am able to watch TV in the ArcSoft application that came on the CD, but using the Windows Media Software
I've applied every possible update/rollup for my Windows Media software, but it just says
"At least one tuner that supports a standard (NTSC) TV signal must be installed to configure the TV signal. Please ensure that your tuner hardware is correctly installed, restart the computer, and try again."

What am I doing wrongly that Media Center is not finding the card? Since my software is the 2005 version, from what I've read supports ATSC, and was listed on the Newegg.com and MSI spec as supported.

Windows XP SP2 / MCE 2005 / Vista (when using MCE 2005 OS, an extra 3rd party DVD decoder must be installed) / Windows 7
Is the 3rd party DVD decoder required for device use or just for burning to disc?



Did you use the latest driver from here?
Stu said:
Did you use the latest driver from here?
Yeah, I've got the "Digi@nywhere A/D Plus BDA driver" installed on my PC

and my "device manager" shows that it's currently the 1.345.9.1009

I can view the TV in the ArcSoft TotalMedia software and everything works fine, but Media Center still fails to recognize the card. I'd really prefer Media Center because of it's enhance EPG & recording scheduling over TotalMedia

Is there something more to be done to/with Media Center? Registry edit or 3rd party add-on that I'm missing?
Stu said:
Best ask MSI Support about this:
Filled out a Technical Support request and got an automated response promising a 48hour or sooner response time, I'll post the results for anyone else to utilize. Saw this thread had 120+ views, anyone else out there looking have or have had this issue?
Have you tried other software like Mediaportal or DVBDream?
MCE can be very stubborn when it comes to TV-tuners.
I had a DVB-S adapter that refused to work with MCE, but worked with all other packages.