Disable automatic re-sizing windows while dragging a window for MSI for Windows 10 Home


New member
May 25, 2023
Dragging a window to one edge of the screen a shaded window appears that will allow me to select a fractional screen snap or to re-size the window.
If this box is touched by cursor when I simply want to translate the window, it automatically resizes the window to only what the box suggests.
I simply want this suggestion box to be disabled, but I cannot find a way to do it. I just want this annoying auto-resizing suggestion box to go away.
Before answering my question, please read these WARNINGS: I have tried every combination of turning snap and its features on and off. None of the "multitasking", "settings", "easier" options given by Windows 10 Home worked ever. Simply, nothing inside Microsoft or windows can remove this feature. I had a large number of chats and phone calls with bot Microsoft and MSI. They were not able to give me an advice. In the end MSI just told me: 'live with it!"
Anybody please know how to get read of this unfortunate option?