Disapointed Review GP63 - 8RF 428US with GTX 1070


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Nov 26, 2018
Updated with some points that I forgot (Screen, Storage, Ram memoryan keyboard)

I bought it in Newegg, for 1500 dollars, and i got the model without knowing it was an exclusive of newegg, otherwise I would have run from it for all the warnings about unique units of specific stores. And yes I regret it, but I will be as fair as possible in this review.

First impressions and appearance:
At first glance the computer is more beautiful than it looks in internet photos , it is not quite stunning, but it is way more beautiful, especially when we finally get those promotional stickers from PCMag and MSI itself off of it. Maybe I'm already tired of the red  and black accent for gamers computers, but it is a nice looking machine. But, netherless, enjoy the looks by far, to say that the material is a magnet of fingerprints and marks is a euphemism. Just by pointing to this thing, it will have your fingerprint on it. The strokes and lines are much more subtle and less aggressive in person than in the photos and videos as well. The red adhesive in the lid  is the only poor-looking finish/choice.

Starting the machine:
When turning the machine on and after setting up the system, I noticed that the fan is loud, extremely loud in my case because the fan has a noise that sounds like a broked ball bearings, but I'll come back to that later.
The machine is fast, really fast and the only thing capable of holding it back is the tons of bloatware the MSI places. I achieved 1275 on cinebench, but did not perform gpu testing except in the applications I use, which are not common among gamers (3ds Max, Revit, Lumion, V-ray), if it helps in anything it rendered vraybenchmark in 2:16min . Some users are having better results by performing machine undervolting at -0.150v of cpu. I tested with the Intel Xtreme Utility and won about 100 points (it was 1183 before it) on Cinebenche, but I opted to leave it default so I do not have any more software loading at windows startup.

The colors seem a bit too saturated for me, but very pretty, and the viewing angle is really impaired by the Tn panel, do not get me wrong, the screen is better than many low quality IPS panels, but still not comparable to a good IPS . If you're a gamer and you're going to play in front of this monitor, you are more than probably not going to be bothered and you'll even like this screen with the butter smooth 120hz. But if you're going to do work with photos or graphics and need to present them to your customer on that laptop, you might have to reconsider. Overall I did not got bothered or got impressed with the screen. There is no light leakage from the edges of the panel and no dead pixels have been present so far.

My model comes with a 117GB KINGSTON RBUSNS8180S3128GJ With a benchmark on the 3534 hard drive reaching the 1279 position in the ranking for comparison purposes the Samsung 950 SSD achieves an average performance of 3x greater. Storage speeds and performance are not problematic, but cutting performance costs could have included a drive with at least 256GB, as much of the SSD is taken over by software included by MSI and its partners.

RAM memory
Memory Ram of 16Gb and speed of 2666mhz. As a content creator I aim to put 32GB on my system. But the truth is that for gamers in 2018, 16GB is more than enough RAM, the speed and performance of it are also noteworthy.

Although I have not gotten used to the full keyboard what I can say is that it is not uncomfortable for a laptop, the distance between the keys is comfortable, having the wide hand I would like bigger keys instead of that keyboard are soft enough and accurate enough to compensate for this. I'm still not 100% comfortable on this keyboard, but I certainly see a difference from fewer accidental typos or typos.

Software and Free Creative Package:
Some of the included softwares are welcome for people like me who will make use of the bundled creator package, but if you are a pure gamer, you will prefer to start with a clean installation of Windows.
The creators package really surprised me, not quite an extremely professional package, but for an architect with good render needs, that will make some graphic boards for clients and presentation videos, the package is excellent and very complete. Among them only YouCast wasn?t welcome because it was just a trial. I was surprised by the options available in Corel Photopaint Pro after decades of using Photoshop and made me really consider upgrading to the new version 2019.

The Dragon Center does not come to be a horrible software, it has small flaws like not allowing the adjustment of calibrations of different colors for each monitor in use. The choice of colors of the keyboard led by the available color wheel is very bad since we do not have a fine control.
I think it's bad to have Dragon Center open to keep the hardware monitor open as well. The monitor would be a great shortcut to quick pre-settings and monitoring of them.
Hardware and help center updates should be inside the software instead making it open other panels for this.
Honestly I'm still unsure about my feelings regarding the Dragon Center.

I come from an Acer Aspire V15 Black Edition with 4 speakers, an incredible bass and a sound that honestly owes nothing to dedicated systems. So the GP63 would have to try hard to impress me. Do not get me wrong, the sound is loud and of relatively good quality but lacking bass, what they call giant speakers seemed modest to me and in this model they come only 2 instead of the 4 described in the advertisement. At first the Nahimic software only made the sound worse, but after some driver updates the software now does its best, doing nothing and not interfering with the quality of the good speakers in the system. If you wish, you may just uninstall it with no regrets.

Ventilation and Cooling:
The cooling system designed by MSi seems incredible at first glance. It is able to maintain the gtx 1070 under acceptable temperatures and without gagging. Even under medium -for heavy - load the system showed that it performs very well among the category.
But it's noisy, extremely loud sound, and in my case, it's not just the airflow, if it were like that, it would not bother me. There is a subtle sound that resembles broken ball bearings, as in older notebook coolers. Every time I turn on the laptop and have to render something, this noise bothers me more and more to the point that I have come back to work with my old Acer at this point.

The rattling starts at 0:28 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQOeP7ScqtE

Service an MSI support:
I looked for MSI by sending this recording and asking about the normality of that sound. In the mean time, I have revamped the forums and asked everyone about tips and how to proceed since MSI does not respond me. I bought the laptop of this brand by the global guarantee in big letters of some advertisements just to arrive at my country and discover that they do not cover the guarantee here. Not only that, in a country with continental size and scales like Brazil, MSI has only 1 ONE service center, that fortunately is in my city, unfortunately they do not answer the phones and do not respond to my emails.

The Brazilian "service center" is in a far corner of the city after the peripheries in an unidentified shed with sprayed walls and a look that does not pass much confidence or credibility ...
I imagine that just replacing the CPU cooler should solve my problem, but for the time being the noise is so loud and annoying that I can not believe I paid $ 1500 for a lawnmower, a nonexistent warranty, and a service center that does not exist.

The only way to arrange the repair is by ordering the cooler from another model (GE63) on ebay, waiting 30 business days for delivery, doing the change/trade myself (which will break the factory seal and invalidate my non-existent warranty) and expect to be the same model when I open the chassis.
It seems like there's a little mouse riding a little harley bike on my $ 1500 laptop and it makes me so angry that I just turned it off and without an answer from MSI, my best bet is simply to give this computer back and wait a some more to buy from some brand that takes the support, its propragandas and promises seriously.


So yeah ... DO NOT BUY this laptop unless you know exactly what you're doing and do not mind if you see yourself alone in the face of technical problems.

I have a very small professional page with no more than 5000 followers, most are architects with the same pretensions and needs I have and I really hoped to be able to do some parts and videos demonstrating the GP63 series of laptops as a great alternative to they. And now I'm going to make videos showing the tremendous fall that I took with confidence in MSI. It is a real shame. :crying: :biggthumbsdown:

So... how was it guys? Did i earn my reward points?