display show no signal after some time


New member
Aug 31, 2020
display is going off after some time of booting and that time kept decreasing(like when first time i am playing csgo game for about 2 hrs then display goes off in middle keeping sound and game on and i thought it is due to overheating, next day when i booted my pc it worked for 10 mins then display goes and now it goes when signing screen comes).also cpu is running perfectly i think, because system sounds are still audible. when screen goes off it makes glitched sound in headphone. when i gave my gpu to friend he also suffered same like his screen goes off after motherboard symbol goes . i have i5 9th something with 9___F, msi1650 ventus, 8 gb ram. is my gpu broke?. if it is broke how it is giving me display for 5 mins? ive tried cleaning ram, i tried taking cmos out and booting and rebooting with that cmos to reset bios but nothing works plz help. there is no physical help in this lockdown.