Does anyone know the motherboard I'm running to upgrade the ram

Jan 20, 2021
I bought the msi mag infinite s 10si-052uk Desktop and unfortunately I can't find the motherboard or it's specs anywhere. I'm wanting to upgrade the ram from 8Gb to 32gb but don't want to purchase the wrong speed.

On the specs of the page for the mag infinite s it has completely different specs to the one I have has
  • GTX 1660 super GPU
  • 512 GB SSD (NVME)
  • Core I-5 10th gen CPU
  • 8GB Ram (1 Stick of DDR4)
I have looked at the Ram but due to a thermal tape on there I can't see the specs but I have looked through device manager and it says 2666 but I'm wondering if I could use 2933.

Any help is greatly appreciated


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Feb 11, 2012

that is all they tested on it as its a AIO Product if you click on recommended