[DOTA2]TNC Pro Team, no line up change?


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Feb 1, 2017
[font="Helvetica Neue" Arial sans-serif]"Opo, hanggang TI7 ang line-up na 'to, ([/font][font="Helvetica Neue" Arial sans-serif]Yes, this line-up will stay up to TI7[/font][font="Helvetica Neue" Arial sans-serif])" the internationally-acclaimed Filipino carry Marc Polo [/font][font="Helvetica Neue" Arial sans-serif]'Raven'[/font][font="Helvetica Neue" Arial sans-serif] Fausto answered after being asked whether TNC's current line-up will stay up to the next The International.[/font]
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[font="Helvetica Neue" Arial sans-serif]TNC Pro Team[/font][font="Helvetica Neue" Arial sans-serif] is the [/font][font="Helvetica Neue" Arial sans-serif]World Electronic Sports Games 2016 winning $800,000. The first ever Philippine Team made it to be the 1st place in a world wide event. [/font]
[font="Helvetica Neue" Arial sans-serif]TNC Pro Team also been top 8 at TI6[/font]
DeMoN also played for TNC Pro Team, which now playing with Filipino again "Abed" in Team Onyx

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Credits : Mineski.net / TNC Pro Team