downloading drivers and updating my msi laptop.

May 27, 2023
I recently purchased a MSI Sword 15. with intel 12th gen and a rtx 3071 ti. Well actually about two months ago. For starters this is my first laptop so I'm not very saavy. After downloading the game MW2 I received a notification that I would need to update my drivers in order to play the game. Battlenet provided a link for both Intel and Nvidia. I updated my drivers there and was able to play the game. Some time later I ran into a piece of info somewhere that suggests you update and download all your drivers and or other software directly from the manufactures site in order to assure you get what will work best for your system and to run how it was intended. I then looked on MSI support and download page and put in my pc's specs and realized they have many things to download there. I reached out to them to get help and never received a response. So tonight I took the liberty of copying my important games and files to a ssd and performed a factory reset on my pc. What I would like to know is what should i download to make sure my pc is 1. up to date and 2. running optimal for my system. Another thing I took notice to is that most of the software offered on the MSI site is outdated. Most 1 to 2 years old atleast. Does that matter? And what do I download? There are so many sections, drivers, bluetooth, wireless lan, chipset, and the list goes on. On top of that each section has multiple choices as well. Do I download them all? That didn't seem like a great idea which is why I am here. If anyone who is experienced or qualified in this area could please reach out to me would be so great. my email thank you.