Dragon Center Mystic Light Help Please

Oct 6, 2021
So I was going to change the color my mini tower's light was in dragon center, but it had a update. Ok so I waited for it to finish, and then went in to change it. Only issue was the option to change the towers light was gone now. I thought maybe I need to make a account for that now, so I made one and checked again and still nothing.

So my question is how do I get back the ability to change the towers color? I know its possible because when I first got it I was showing all my gaming friends and they all thought it was really cool that they could change it to match their color schemes for their gaming setups ect.

Now when I go into the mystic light it has my keyboard, mouse, and where the tower used to be is now a thing that links everything together instead which I don't like. I like keeping my mouse and keyboard on rainbow, while changing my towers light color. Can anyone help me get it back to where the towers light can change color again?


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Nov 21, 2019
Please provide all information in system information in Windows OS.

How to view system information on Windows 10