Dragon Center wont boot up "This system is not supported" message after changing motherboard


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Nov 24, 2022
Hi, i have a Stealth 15M (11th gen, nvidia 20 series) and i just got back the laptop fron the MSI support service and got a motherboard change. All seemed to be okay untill i tried to open dragon center (like i could 2 weeks ago) and it just display the "This system is not supported" message. I've read a lot of posts with the same issue but nothing worked, i installed dragon center/MSI Center 5 times deleting every single msi related file and in different configurations and the only thing i got is a partial MSI Center install, wich doesn't even let me change fan speed (main reason to have the app).

Some help? Thanks.
Jan 13, 2021
The laptop should support Dragon Center. Did you follow the official FAQ to clean install it?
If not, it is recommended to try.
If the problem is not resolved, I am afraid that you need to contact MSI support service. They might change some setting casued the system can not be supported by Dragon Center.