Driver Problem



I just got a GeForce4 Mx420 card, I installed it and the driver, and I am having a problem actually getting it to work properly, my computer recognizes the card as 64 mb DDR, and the whole bit, but when I go to my display settings, it has a dual monitor display, monitor 1 is my current display, which has crappy settings, two pixel settings, and the second monitor which I cannot seem to run has all the settings, and can run more than one colour setting other than 16 million. Also I have tried to run a video test for Diablo II and it told me that it cannot even run Diablo II, it does not find any video hardware, I have become quite frustrated, and I am just about ready to get a different card, could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong, if anything.

Oh and also, it says it is only running 2x in the AGP slot, but i have a 4x/2x slot, and the card is supposed to be 4x, well anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated thank you very much.

If you need to know any other information about my comp or anything to help me out, just ask and I will answer.
I am gonna go crazy, if anyone has any advice any at all, I would like to know, no matter how stupid it is, thank you.
strange....check this:
may be your display setted as TV, doesnt support more res. more colors etc..
check that and set fist display - monitor.
if i'm wrong..well sorry can't help you