Dropped item on my touchpad, laptop screen went Crazy??


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Sep 15, 2020
Last night I dropped a firestick remote by accident about a foot onto my touchpad, most likely right on the two buttons. Screen went crazy with just bizarre broken coloured horizontal lines & audio screaming? I held the power button down to switch off & put laptop away to deal with this morning. I was thinking i would most likely have to claim under home Insurance for repair. Imagine my surprise when i re-booted this morning and it worked perfectly, i had feared the worst. Machine is a couple of year old (GP 62 7QF Leopard Pro). Well done MSI for building a robust machine, but does anyone have any idea why it acted up so bad from a quick ding? I really thought the graphics chip or some other damage may have occurred to the M'board just under the right click button. The button does seem to be slightly lower now, certainly not sitting flush like the left one. Any ideas?


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Feb 11, 2012
you probably shocked the EC Reset Circuit on the motherboard activating the Tactile Switch while it was active by the back of the Trackpad hitting the board flexing it as thats all that is in that area i can think of that could cause that unless you managed to flex the board making your SSD or RAM loose contact for a second due to the shock.

as its working fine apart from the Trackpad being not level you probably just shocked something that lost contact.